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“I have lived and painted in Bastrop County for over thirty-four years. My studio in Smithville also serves as a private gallery and classroom for students. The ranges of subjects for my paintings are wide: fields, farms, woodlands, creeks, rivers, country roads, small town alleys and cities near and far. The painters I especially admire are classic; Monet, Sargent, Bonnard, Hopper…knowing these artists may tell the viewer something about my own work. My practices are very “painterly” that is they are direct and broadly conceived paintings." ~Wanda Gamble


Wanda Gamble studied at Wichita State University (Wichita, Kansas) and at the University of Texas at Austin (Austin, Texas). Her work has been acquired by both individuals and corporate collectors. She has exhibited her work in four Texas museums: The Grace Museum of Abilene, the San Angelo’s Museum of Art, The Art Center of Waco, and The Tyler Museum of Art as well as gallery exhibitions at Tarrytown Gallery (Austin, Texas), Valley House (Dallas, Texas) and Harris Gallery in Houston, Texas.


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