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“I am an oil painter and printmaker who draws constantly in a sketch book. My work reflects my love of nature in all forms.  The land, water, rocks, birds and tiny insects all find their way into my work, either in a painting or an etching.


My paintings are mainly of landscapes in particular, British landscapes. Memories of our misty, dewy landscape made me homesick whist living in the high desert of New Mexico and I painted it to ease my longing for home.  It may be a fleeting moment that captures my eye or a mood that I wish to evoke, and even though I start with a literal place, the painting eventually takes on a life of it’s own.

I am not interested in just painting what is there.  In the past I have preferred to work in oils, but recently have been experimenting with acrylics in sketch books and have discovered a fluidity, which has informed my oil painting. I used to carefully lay out my oil paintings wiping out the lights and leaving the darks, however, recently I am working directly onto the surface, moving the paint around and enjoying the intrinsic qualities of the paint.  I am learning to leave areas of paint which is something I have always struggled with.


Darwin’s beetle box, seen at the Zoology Museum in Cambridge became the inspiration for my final MA project in printmaking.  The ancient, scratched surfaces of the box and its contents intrigued me. The tiny dark bodies, lined up according to size, carefully pinned and categorised, seem to embody the Victorian obsession with science and nature. Beetles with legs splayed, others with legs hidden, some missing antennae, many not much larger than the pinheads themselves, the pins, previous pinholes, the labels and the illegible handwriting, all spoke of etching. I created an installation which comprised of small etchings of beetles and landscapes, which told a tale of the environment, of being trapped and of escaping. Most recently I have expanded my practice into a more focussed study of beetles looking at the structure and patterns on beetles and insects in general. Drawing attention to our earth and it’s wonders is my primary aim.  I feel in a small way, I can encourage people to slow down and observe.”  ~Lynne Windsor



1972 -73      Loughborough College of Art & Design, UK – Foundation Course
1973 -76      Hornsey College of Art & Design, UK – BA Hons
1985 -86     Middlesex Polytechnic, London, UK – Postgraduate Certificate of Education
1998            Fredricksburg Artists’ School – workshop with Michael Workman
2001            Fechin Art Workshops – workshop with Sherrie McGraw
2003           Great River Art Institute – workshop with Stuart Shils
2011 -14       MA Printmaking at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK


2015           Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh
2007          Walden Fine Art, Taos NM
2007          Bill Hester Fine Art, Chapel Hill, NC
2005          Walden Fine Art, Taos, NM
2003          Arden Gallery, Boston, MA
2003         Joe Wade Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2002         Joe Wade Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2001          Joe Wade Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
1999          Canyon Road Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
1998          Canyon Road Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

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