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Texas native Elizabeth Dryden is an up and coming artist in the Dallas area making a wave and grabbing the attention of the Dallas art scene and beyond. The many layers intertwined together in her mixed media work make each piece a mystery to unfold.  While colorful and adventurous at first glance, there are volumes of information held below the surface. She is inspired greatly by contradictions in life between positive and negative forces that can be observed subtly within her paintings. The more time spent viewing each piece, the more information is revealed. The subjects of Elizabeth’s work are primarily animals, which she uses metaphorically to express emotion and the information hidden within layers of paint and newspaper left for the viewers to interpret for themselves.  She believes animals are good subjects because they are without bias stereotypes and can be a symbol of many things.

In one of her most recent bodies of work, “Dry Spell”, Elizabeth breaks down her distinctive tangible dark subjects and themes to a lighter exploration of color and shape. She explores cacti in bright, vibrant desert scenes, while depicting the paradoxes between old and new ideals in society.


Elizabeth grew up in Dallas and has since relocated back home after leaving for college at the University of Arizona in 2000. Graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Art Education in 2005, she has since lived in Arizona, Washington state, Kentucky, and Boston, MA before returning back home to Texas. She continues to further her career as an artist, spokesperson and lead artist for DecoArt, managing her Pet Portrait business called “EDryden Pawtraits”, as well as seeking gallery representation nationally while painting and creating new work in her East Dallas studio.



“The idea of how something (anything) can be interpreted so differently by each individual person intrigues me.  We all have had different life experiences, we have our own opinions, and our own values and beliefs- therefore, we each have our own idea of reality. My art is my own reality and the way I see things. It’s a language I use to say what I cannot express in words.”



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