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Rob Stern grew up on a small ranch near Billings, Montana. He was surrounded and influenced by the colors, smells and traditions of the old west. He credits his grandfather, a true cowboy, as the most influential person in his life. From the time Rob was able to pick up a pencil he began to draw everything around him. After high school Rob went on to study at the University of Montana where he received a B.S. in Business Marketing and a minor in Liberal Arts. After college, Rob worked mainly in the commercial art industry creating graphics and designs for companies such as Coldwater Creek, The United States Olympic Committee, Nacona Boots and The Denver Zoo, to name a few. As time passed his surroundings as a youth kept bubbling to the surface and eventually he decided to dedicate his art career to the old west.

Never the traditionalist, Rob set about representing his roots in a way that no one had. His work has been described as haunting, ghostly......a romantic view through the fog of history. Although his favorite medium is oil on canvas, Rob is widely considered one of the finest serigraphers in the country, specializing in his signature mixed media serigraphs on hand made bark paper. He describes his process as "difficult and unforgiving, but there is no medium I know of that better creates the mood and grit of the old west." Rob Stern resides in Whitefish, Montana, where he owns and operates his own gallery, Samarah Fine Art. Rob's passions are his children, Sammy and Sarah, after whom his gallery is named.


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