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Five miles west of Dripping Springs on Lonesomesage Longhorn Ranch is the inspirational setting where Gary Thompson forges copper and brass into native plants of the Southwest.

Born in Austin, Texas, Gary’s introduction to forging metal began at the early age of 5 and for 10 summers watched  his Swedish grandfather, Carl Pearson, forge  steel in his Elroy, Texas Blacksmith Shop.  There Gary ran barefoot, playing with hammers and anvils, watching his grandpa weld and sharpen discs for the local farmers.  Gary’s craftsmanship lineage goes back another generation to Gary’s great grandfather, Ohr Pearson, a cabinet maker, who made fine furniture and cabinets at the Texas State Capitol. 

Even though exposed to other mediums in junior and high school art classes, Gary gravitated back to forging metal from that early interest inspired by his grandpa’s blacksmith shop.  In the late sixties Gary used any kind of scrap metal from Crisco cans to auto parts to design sculpture.  Quoting Cactus Creek Daily "Sour in color, deformed in shape, and featuring lethal textures, Cacti are the essence of RAW BEAUTY. Artist Gary Thompson is so drawn to these complex succulents that he has chosen them to be the muse for his forged metal art work.”

Gary’s art, exhibited and collected since 1972, has won numerous awards including “Best in Metal” at the Rockport Art Festival. Gary has participated in the prestigious Laguna Gloria Art Festival in Austin, and is one of a select group of artists who has received the Texas Original (TXO) designation from the State of Texas Commission on the Arts.


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