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Curtis Wade was born in 1979 in Sante Fe, New Mexico to a family of artists. His grandmother, Juan Dell was a sculptor, while his grandfather, Joe Wade, operated a successful gallery.


As a child, Wade was an avid painter and experimented with oils, pastels and acrylics. At the age of 13, Wade began lessons with his uncles Barry McCuan and Terry Wade, as well as his Aunt Arlene La Dell Hayes. By the age of 18, Wade had gained enough experience and training to sell his art professionally.


Trying to become autonomous and find his own style took Wade down many paths, leading him to experiment with a variety of mediums. Wades voice is impressionistic, bright and reminiscent of Van Gogh, although he also experiments with realism.


Wade is not only a studio artist, but also a plein air artist and often allows nature to renew and recharge his creative spirit. Wade spends his time between Sante Fe and San Antonio. He finds much inspiration painting on the grounds of Georgia OKeefe’s Ghost Ranch and finds inspiration at Black Mesa.



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