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Zeller's Fine Furniture

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Coming from a family with a long history of wood workers, Charlie spent his childhood working in my Dad’s shop and later helped operate the family owned lumber yard.  

Retiring from this in 2006, my wife, Sherry and I decided to pursue our dream careers of    designing and creating beautiful and unique pieces of furniture. Chuck and Sherry both work on designing the piece.  Chuck’s forte is steam bending and construction while Sherry specializes in the interior design. 


Webster’s definition of an heirloom chest is:  something valuable that has been in the possession of a family for a long time and has been passed on from one generation to the next. 


 What a wonderful feeling to be able to create something that will be not only very special to someone today, but also will be passed on to someone they love.   I can’t begin to tell you how proud it makes us when people look at our product and immediately talk about handing it down to their children and grandchildren.

More About Us

Wood chest and trunks are perhaps the most universal and enduring form of furniture, they have been with us throughout recorded history.  Not only holding history, but our

valued possessions.  Anything from the most simple wooden box to an extravagant limited edition trunk.  Once this piece of furniture is in your family it will always be a valued heirloom.


Zeller's Fine Furniture is owned and operated by Chuck and Sherry Zeller.  Specializing in the lost art of steam bending wood to create beautiful hand crafted camel back trunks,   also called dome topped chests or steamer trunks. This piece of furniture is truly a family heirloom which can be passed down for many generations.  A unique work of art, no two alike. Emphasis is put on fine craftsmanship and quality construction. We personally design and construct everything from the beginning jigs to finalizing with finished the interiors.


Chuck designs the piece then builds the specific jigs necessary for each project.  Most all items have as many as several different jigs. Each jig has a specific compound curve that must be engineered perfectly.   Hand selected wood is cut to size and then placed in a steam cabinet; it is steamed until it reaches over 200 degrees. Steaming the wood softens the fibers making it pliable for a short time.  When the wood is taken out of the steam cabinet it must immediately be secured in the jigs before it starts to cool and is no longer bendable. After the wood is dry, it is removed from the jigs.  Assembling the pieces then begins, with each piece worked with until it fits flawlessly.


After construction we begin the process of aging and distressing the wood to give it the appearance of many years of use.  Sanding, staining, and waxing the chest give it a beautiful antique finish. Attractive authentic reproduction hardware is attached with clinched trunk nails and screws.    Sherry specializes in the interiors searching for the right linings and hardware to make each one special. Attention to detail being the key

to a true treasured family heirloom.


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