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Tim Lotton is a third generation glass blower in the Lotton family. He is the grandson of Charles Lotton (1935-2021). Charles was the patriarch, self-taught in the art of glassblowing in 1970. He was regarded as, "The Tiffany of the Twenty-First Century." His sons David, Daniel and John learned alongside their father. Tim created his first piece at 9 and grew up in the studio, learning his craft from working alongside his grandfather, father and uncles.

Throughout his teen years, Tim spent countless hours being mentored by family members and developing an artistic distinction all his own. At age twelve Tim started making paperweights to begin his glass-making career. From there he moved onto mid-sized sculptures and small vases. As high school ended Tim became impatient, and began his artistic pursuits in sculpting glass full time. By 19 years old, he was already selling his glasswork in several prestigious galleries across the nation.

Tim’s extremely difficult process starts intricately as he prefers to visualize thepiece first and then sketch it out. His beautiful hand-blown masterpieces are treasured among collectors because of their delicate beauty. Each glass sculpture is one of a kind and masterfully crafted, layer-by-layer in 2100-degree heat. Every vibrantly colored hue incorporated into the blown glass is unique to the Lotton family. No one in the world will ever utilize the same color scheme.


Tim enjoys having a diverse line of creations, from the study of organic flowingfree form sculptures to the structured layered floral pieces.

Exploring a newfrontier, Tim has begun to create large mixed media sculptures with metal thatfeature his hand blown glass. He enjoys the challenges of working with glass and continues to push the boundaries. The craftsmanship of being able to put all of his ideas together with his hands along with the physicality it takes to create pieces of size and magnitude are what motivates this artist.Today, Tim shares the same passion for glass blowing that his family has for many generations. It is clear that this talented young artist is one to watch and collect.


Tim opened his own studio in 2016 and as his artwork continues to evolve, exciting new sculptures emerge.


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