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Texas Rangers Fine Art & Wine Event

January 28th

  View some of our favorite memories from the event!   

20 Years of Loading Art, Setting it up, Taking it down, Selling it, Supporting artists, Supporting Foundations and Organizations and People you love and can get behind.. Some Say "Ridin for The Brand"... It's a pure joy and blessing to be able to hold your head up high knowing you love what you do and who you do it for. It takes a village..

This shows village and the ones to thank on the "first show lap" for the year. God First Always, Cordillera Country Club and their Entire Staff and Crew , The Former Texas Ranger Foundation and their Entire Staff and Committee, Greg Stone and Hill Country Ears Sound Company, My Employees and Crew at Texas Treasures Fine Art.

It was a wonderful "Sold Out" speaker series event and we were honored to have been able to bring awareness of the great preservation of our Texas History and Texas Law Enforcement through the efforts of the Former Texas Ranger Foundation.

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