Oxana Sakharzeva was born in Russia in 1968. She received her degree from the Institute of Fine Art of Moscow in 1986. Oxana is a sensitive, yet strong, plein air  artist with a connection and passion for the outdoors. After completing school, Oxana started her career as a landscape painter in the picturesque quarter of Arbat, Moscow. This area of Moscow is similar to, and often compared to Mont Martre, Paris, known to locals and tourists who wish to see artists paint outside in natural settings. Here, Oxana was commissioned to paint many landscapes and portraits.


From 1987 to 1991, Oxana entered and won many young artist awards with juried exhibitions in Moscow and Saint Petersbourg. Expanding her pallet of colors, painting and enriching her spirit and love for culture and the outdoors, Oxana moved to Africa. While living in Africa for 5 years, Oxana found the horizons and landscapes to be fascinating and polychromatic. She worked vigorously at her art and exhibited again in juried shows in Guinea Conakry, Burundi, Madagascar and Senegal.

In 1997, Oxana moved back to Europe. She purchased a home in Albarella, Italy. Albarella is an Island located in the Po River delta close to Venice. It is in Venice where she felt a connection to the old master painters and wished to surround herself with their art. She paints with strong confident strokes and uses a pallet knife in most of her paintings. She plays on shadows while maintaining a strong focus on her subject.


In 2000 Oxana purchased her second home in Cote d’Azur, France near the French Riviera.Oxana’s work stands out amongst the plethora of artists. She is trained in all facets of art but loves the Old World qualities the best. She loves to set up her easel in the early morning, capturing all that the sun and nature have to give her each day.



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