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     Jamie Angelich’s compilation of works depicts the uniqueness of a simple item.  Using a multi-faceted approach to her pieces of art includes techniques using metal, gems, glass, precious stones, jewelry and variants, transforming them into a design offering a unique, yet fresh sophisticated style that appeals to each person’s individuality. 


     A native Texan, she was inspired by her mother, LaVonne Christian Barber, who was an artist, author and “ahead of her time”. 


Jamie always loved design, but never pursued artistic expressions outside of her home or personal style until she experienced idle time during the 2020 Covid Quarantine.  She discovered her untapped gift and found a passion she never knew existed. Besides working on commissioned pieces, Jamie also enjoys golf, bridge, Couples Bible Study and her Secret Fairy Garden.


She and her husband of 34 years, Alan, reside in Cordillera Ranch in Boerne Texas and have one son.



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