Gary Damuth grew up loving wildlife and the great outdoors. As a young boy summers were spent fishing on the rivers and lakes, while winters consisted of hunting quail with his father and brothers.


His love for wildlife soon led to taxidermy as a hobby, which later turned into a full time career. Gary was first exposed to taxidermy at a place called Schwettman’s Taxidermy in Fredericksburg, Texas, while on a hunting trip in Cherry Springs with his family. “The outdoors and hunting have always been a passion of mine, so taxidermy just came naturally.”


After many years of hard work and dedication Gary and his wife, Diane, were able to open up their own business, Damuth Taxidermy, Inc. in Brady, Texas. “From the very beginning, in 1980, Diane and I worked very hard at keeping the business running strong.” Once the operation was up and running smoothly he was able to enter his work more competitively. He recalls, “In my early years as a taxidermist, I received many awards on the state and national level.” After studying the trophies and anatomy of particular animals his desire to recreate these figures in their natural environment led him to study sculpture in Kerrville, Texas.


Gary currently lives on a small farm in Central Texas raising cattle with his wife Diane. Along with running Damuth Taxidermy, Inc., he is continuing to expand his artistic endeavors as a sculptor.


White Tailed Deer ~ Life Size
White Tailed Deer ~ Life Size

BRONZE, Edition of 40 Life Size ~ 62" H x 72" W