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Navajo artist and sculptor, Ed Natiya Saxon, comes from a very proud and noble heritage. His Navajo name ‘Natiya’, was given to him at birth and means 'everywhere; all over; at once'. A family name, it was passed down to him from his late grandfather, Harding Natiya Negale, who served during WWII as a Navajo Code talker. His grandmother, Glenna Negale, was recognized as a medicine woman and well known for her Navajo rug weavings. His great grandfather, Manuelito Begay, was also a highly regarded medicine man and served as a tribal counselor for the Crown Point area in northwest New Mexico. Natiya's great-great grandfather, Chief Manuelito, was one of four principle Chiefs of the Navajo in the 1860’s. During this time, he and his people were pursued by Colonel Kit Carson, in the historic 'Long Walk' period of the Navajo.

Following in the footsteps of this rich legacy, Ed Natiya is fast becoming one of this countries leading Native American artists. Born in 1972, Natiya's prodigious talent for art was recognized early. As a small child, his mother, Mary 'Ah-so- bah' Saxon, who herself is an accomplished Navajo potter, taught Natiya the craft of designing traditional southwest pottery and figurines. Through the use of these basic earthen materials, Natiya's love for Art and Sculpture grew.

Throughout his schooling, teachers and administrators quickly recognized his artistic talent and abilities. They continued to help him develop his skills and encouraged him to enter a few art competitions. After winning several awards, Natiya decided to continue his study of Art and Art history at the University of New Mexico where he received his ‘Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art'. Following graduation, Natiya continued to improve his skills and refine his knowledge, while working full time at Artisan/ Santa Fe, a well known Art Supply store. Eventually, his hard work paid off. After showing in various galleries and shows in Santa Fe, Natiya’s work began to be recognized and sought after by collectors and Art lover’s worldwide. He has received numerous awards for his creative depictions of Native American culture and history. These include the prestigious "Best of Class", the top award in Sculpture Overall at the 2016 Indian Market Show. His work captures the essence of Native peoples from a very authentic perspective. He feels there is still much to learn and share about the genuine nature and wisdom of all Native peoples. His Sculpture and Artwork radiates with life, love and beauty and speaks to both young and old alike. He now sculpts full-time and lives in Albuquerque, NM with his wife, Jayme.



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