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Cynthie has been a professional artist for over 33 years. Her list of artistic accomplishments includes 17 duck stamp awards, featured artist for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited, SCI Artist of the Year, and many others. She shows her work every year at the Safari Club conventions in Nevada and Dallas, as well as the Grand Slam show. Her work has earned thousands of dollars for protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat in the US, and the research needed for her next painting project often takes her to exciting new destinations, including much of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Scotland, Argentina, Tajikistan, and others.


Cynthie works in oils, acrylics, scratchboard, pencil, fused glass, bronze, and mixed media. Everything she depicts is original, usually something she has witnessed, or an idea of what she would like to see. She counts many of the finest animal lovers and big game enthusiasts as clients. There isn't an animal on earth she cannot paint!



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