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After a long career as a courtroom artist, Ms. Woosley has turned her talents in the direction of the fine arts, fulfilling a lifelong ambition of being a full-time fine art painter. “I’ve loved every minute of courtroom art and continue to sketch trials, but my focus is changing. I’ve explored all the creative options possible within the courtroom genre and I want more. I’ve always painted and exhibited when time permitted but, with the trials, never had much time.”


She continues, “I’ve made a commitment to paint those things I find meaningful and to share my vision of both tangible and spiritual themes. I love painting animals, the western landscape, Native-Americans, and western people in general.”


Brigitte is alarmed at the rapid rate at which the landscape is being altered by development and is wanting “to capture as much of the landscape as remains undeveloped.”

During the Oprah trial in Amarillo, she discovered the Palo Duro Canyon and had the opportunity to return to Amarillo for another trial (Councilman Al Lipscomb’s corruption trial) where she spent every spare minute between trial sessions in the canyon. This resulted in several fine paintings of the area, and while continuing to paint the canyon she has also continued painting wildlife, western, figurative, and spiritual themes.


After many years in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area Brigitte returned to the Texas Hill country where she continues to sketch the occasional trial and focus on fine art painting. She has been invited to participate in a number of prestigious Western art venues across Texas and beyond.


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