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Angel Gonzalez de la Tijera is an acclaimed international artist, whose work is best described as figurative realism, primarily focusing on themes that incorporate the fusion of music and painting.


Angel Gonzalez first received his college degree in Architecture in 1981 at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) and after graduation was incorporated into Angel Mora’s Illustration Studio (Creator of “Chanoc” comic), where his primary task was to assist in the development of illustrative backgrounds. That next year he was hired by the S.E.P. (Public Education Secretary) to elaborate two publications of the series “Episodios Mexicanos.”


In 1983, Angel decided to open an art studio, which specialized in illustration and graphic design. However, the studio was put on hold when in 1985 he was named Art Director of the agency “Prisma Publicidad.” During that time he produced illustrations and designs for larger enterprises such as McGraw Hill, Pfizer, Purina and Novellco.

After working for “Prisma Publicidad” for two years, Angel decided to shift his career back into during studio work and in 1987 reestablished his former art studio, where he began elaborating comic covers for two of the main publishers in the country: Grupo Editorial VID and EJEA. His work has been featured in comics such as Archie, the Pink Panther, Popeye, Woody Wood Pecker, Tom and Jerry, etc. It was also during this time that he first began to teach human figure drawing and aerography courses.


In 2000, Angel finished his first set of water-colored based paintings titled “Voces de Piedra” and was also featured in the collective art show “CYPSA,” in the “Galería Libertad” in Querétaro for his aerographed illustrations. Then in 2005, Angel completed two degrees “Oil and Canvas Painting Techniques” and “Creativity and Project” at UAQ (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro), receiving his diploma from master painter Santiago Carbonell. Then in November he participated in the collective exhibition “Cinco visiones” in the Municipal Art Gallery of the State.


Currently Angel lives in Querétaro, México, where he is the founder and general manager of Profesionales Gráficos, S.A. de C.V. (Pografic), creating illustrations and designs for Mexicana de Aviación, Avimex Lab., Nutec and Artlux. He was also admitted as a teacher for the UVM (Universidad del Valle de México) Querétaro campus, teaching human figure drawing courses in the Architecture and Graphic Design Faculties.



"My pictorial project consists in expressing all kind of emotions and ideas the music art causes in my interior. Sound cadences turn into feelings that take shape and color in order to be represented in my paints. The theme tries to make a sensorial compilation of the aromatic taste of Jazz, where improvisations are the result of a consummated technique, linked to the overflowing imagination of the musician. This has encouraged me to use all type of textures and colors that were outside of my palette before. Some other paintings in this collection where inspired in classical music, making an exploration of the composer soul and all the magic that emanates from his works. Then is when the mysterious muses that pulse the soul of each musical instrument become a pictorial shape." ~Angel Gonzalez



1976- 81    Architecture Degree, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


2010     Subasta Fundación Díaz Perches, Club de Golf México, Cd. de México.

              Subasta DRT/Mercedes Club de Industriales, Qro.



2014       “Intimate Rhythms,” Nolan Rankin Galleries, Houston, TX.

               “Art Syncopation,” New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation/                       Consulado de México en N.O., New Orleans, LA.

2010       “Obsesiones,” Galería Municipal del Estado de Querétaro                                 “Rosario Sánchez”, Qro.

               “Arte sacro,” II Congreso de Hispanidad, Qro.

2009      “Arte sacro,” Galería DRT, Qro. octubre

               “Con México...,” ITESM, campus Qro.

               “Colección GT,” Torre Lomas, México, D.F.

2008      “Soplo del Alma,” Sala de eventos Colegio Marcelina, Qro. 


2016      “Ruta del Arte y el Vino,” Viñedos La Redonda/Instituto Queretano de                       la Cultura y las Artes/Museo de Arte de Qro.

2013      “Arte en movimiento,” Museo de Arte de Querétaro / Ibérica                                       Contemporánea, Querétaro. Premio 2do. lugar.

              “Artistas Queretanos,” DRT/Club de Industriales Ciudad de México.

2012      “Obsesiones,” International Art Festival, Houston, TX.

2011       “Pictórica gurativa,” Galeria Municipal del Estado de Querétaro                                   “Rosario Sánchez,” Festival Santiago de Querétaro.

2007     “Cristo en el arte,” Galería 19, Juriquilla, Qro.

2006     “Cinco visions,” Galería Rosario Sánchez, Qro.

1999      “Tesoro CYPSA,” Galería Libertad, Qro. 

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